Male Directors for Feminist Films

Although all three films listed here have male directors, they are still appropriate choices for a feminist reading because:

  1. Ginger Snaps (2000) has since accrued a reputation as a feminist film because of its unique vision of a having female werewolf and for tying the full moon induced transformation of the werewolf to the monthly menstruation of the female body. The lead writer on Ginger Snaps was also a woman, Karen Walton who, in interviews about the film says that she conscientiously tried to tell a female-centred story if not a feminist one.
  2. The Company of Wolves (1984) is a filmic adaptation of the 3 Angela Carter Little Red Riding Hood rewrites in The Bloody Chamber written in 1979 – “The Werewolf,” “The Company of Wolves,” and “Wolf-Alice”
  3. While Cat People (1942) is not explicitly said to be a feminist text, there’s nothing wrong with doing a retrospective re-reading of the text after all, as the main essay demonstrates, it does fulfill a lot of the tropes and characteristics that allow it to be re-read as a feminist film text

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