Men Also Fooled by the Oedipal Narrative

It is not just Oliver in Cat People (1942) who has been fooled by the Oedipal narrative and needs to be reminded of a lived reality that exists outside the Oedipal narrative (the one in which his wife can transform into a panther woman), but Sam in Ginger Snaps whose overblown sense of self and male bravado costs him his life at the end of the film when he chooses to confront a fully transformed Ginger without a real plan could have benefitted from a reminder that the infallible male protagonist in the Oedipal narrative is also a construct.

  • Lacking the presence of mind to get the lock to the backdoors of his van fixed which results in a fully transformed Ginger escaping
  • Concocting a plan, the long and short of which is “I go in with the syringe and bam! We’re done!” and the incompleteness of which results in his untimely death

Are clear instances in which the film pokes fun at the blustering of male bravado, but also the tragedy of living so out of synch with one’s lived reality.


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